DUES Teams Awarded at Wyoming First Lego League

DUES Teams Awarded at Wyoming First Lego League Championships
Posted on 12/08/2017
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Congrats to team one from DUES, the DUEbots who changed their name to A GOOD NAME I GUESS.  They brought home a second place trophy for Teamwork!!  There is a nice photo of 5 of the 7 kids with the trophy, but it is missing Raygen and Hayleigh Zahrowski in the photo.

  • Madyson Smith
  • Tim Peech
  • Raygen Zahrowski
  • Jayce Joss
  • Charlotte Conaway
  • Jaden Nichols
  • Hayleigh Zahrowski
  • Brody Jensen

Our other team, the Computer Cats, did not bring home a trophy, but they worked hard and had a great time Saturday at their state competition.

  • Rylan Moe
  • Audriana Mongiello
  • Caleb Sullivan
  • Travis Kahler
  • Ashton Sullivan
  • Durc Penfield
  • Jack Noblin

First Lego League State competition at the Casper Events Center consists of:

  • Core Values Judging - they show off their teamwork and problem solving with an instant challenge
  • Presentation Judging - a prepared presentation on water issues the world faces
    • They were also tasked to present to external users before the State competition.  They presented to Tim Sullivan from the Water Treatment Department with the City of Douglas and to Rhonda Dilts who teaches the gifted and talented programs at CCSD1.
  • Robot Judging - describing their chosen design and the abilities of their Lego robot
  • (3) Robot Rounds - Each round was to be completed in 2 minutes and 30 seconds.  There were many missions they worked on throughout the fall season to program their robots to accomplish a given mission.  Once the robot left the prep area, they were unable to touch it without losing points.  Some of the missions they worked on were:
    • Moving a tripod across the board, dropping it off to a small circular area and having their robot return home
    • Flipping a filter/gate over and having their robot return home

We had two wonderful assistant coaches who helped at our practices and at our State competition.  April Conaway was with team one and Nicole Sullivan was with team two.

Thanks to Brent Notman and Rhonda Dilts again.  What a great program this has been for the kids.