Monthly Employee Spotlight

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February 2018 Employee Spotlight
Douglas Middle School is proud to announce Chris Collins as the staff spotlight employee for February 2018. Not only does Chris teach 7th and 8th grade math, she is.............
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January 2018 Employee Spotlight
Laurie Boyson has served the students of CCSD #1 for 22 years in various capacities. Most recently, she has served as the librarian for DIS and DUES. Laurie is always willing to offer assistance,
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December 2017 Employee Spotlight
It is with great pleasure that we recognize Rhonda Parker as the DHS/DMS Activities Spotlight Employee. Rhonda is currently the Activities Secretary at Douglas Middle School. Prior to holding this position, Rhonda was a paraprofessional at Douglas Primary School. Rhonda joined the DMS team in January of 2017. She has been a wonderful addition to our staff and plays and integral role in the day to day activities within the DMS Activities Department..........
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Jon Cook
November 2017 Employee Spotlight
Jon has a special gift when it comes to working with disabled students. He can be........
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October 2017 Employee Spotlight
Hard-working, dedicated, meticulous ... all words describing tonight's spotlight employee, Linda Hoving. Linda is.......
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September 2017 Employee Spotlight
Rebecca Moser serves as a kindergarten resource teacher at the Primary School; however, Rebecca does .........
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May 2017 Employee Spotlight
Converse County School District #1, Transportation Department proudly announces our SPOTLIGHT EMPLOYEE, Nicholas Harting. Nick has been with us since.......
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April 2017 Employee Spotlight
Donna McMichael has worked in the district as a para at DIS, DMS secretary, DIS secretary and DUES secretary. She has been a constant in........
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Judy Wallis and Nicole Ricks
February 2017 Employee Spotlight
Head Cook Judy Wallis and Head Cashier Nicole Ricks stepped up and provided the.......
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Jessica Ewing
January 2017 Employee Spotlight
Douglas Middle School is proud to announce Jessica Ewing as the staff spotlight employee for January 2017. Currently, Jessica is the .......
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Carl Kosters
December 2016 Employee Spotlight
It is with total confidence and great pride that Carl is our Rural employee of the month. Carl is in his.......
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Megan Forgey
November 2016 Employee Spotlight
I would like to introduce Megan Forgey as the Douglas Intermediate School Spotlight for 2016. Megan works tirelessly as a part of the 3rd grade teaching team. She is...
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Brianna Wass
October 2016 Employee Spotlight
The staff member to be recognized is Brianna Wass at the DMS. Brianna runs the Individual Resource Room at DMS and does an outstanding job in not only
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Becky Soske
September 2016 - Becky Soske
Becky Soske is the CCSD #1 Spotlight Employee for September. Over the last five years, Becky has brought a love of teaching to the Primary School that is contagious and extraordinary. Mrs. Soske, also known as Mrs. S., has served a number of roles in this district from a parent, to a paraprofessional to a current kindergarten teacher. This love of teaching is seen through her relationships with her students, her connections with parents and the amazing growth that occurs each year within the walls of her classroom.
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