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May 2016 - Adeline Kohl
Adeline has been a teacher for over twenty three years. Her experiences teaching include intensive education at the high school and middle school levels and she is currently a teacher at .......
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April 2016 - Mel Barker
Passion is a great word to describe Mr. Barker in a social studies classroom. He loves.......
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March 2016 - Jamie Miller
Mrs. Jamie Miller DUES 4th Grade Teacher - Mrs. Miller has shown incredible growth as a veteran teacher. She serves as a member of the campus Leadership Team and has emerged as the............
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February 2016 - Ed Sheridan
Mr. Ed Sheridan. Educator, poet, and coach for over 40 years, will be forever remembered by everyone he has taught. He knows every student by their real name as well as the name he makes up for them. He has given the outhouse speech and..........
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January 2016 - Chase Plumb
It is my privilege to honor Chase Plumb as the January 2016 Douglas Intermediate School Spotlight Employee. Chase has been the Physical Education teacher at DIS for 8 years. A visit to his classroom will show
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November 2015 - Arlis Dona
The Special Education Department is honored to recognize Arlis Dona as our Employee of the Month. Arlis joined our district as a speech language pathologist in August of 2008.
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Judy Boyd
October 2015 - Judy Boyd
It is my distinct honor to showcase Judy Boyd as the CCSD #1 DPS Spotlight Employee of the Month. Judy Boyd has been with the Primary School for the last 7 years. She serves as a paraprofessional for our limited English students or ELL students. However, Judy does much more than just support our students throughout the day.
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September 2015 Bev Garls
Bev Garls started working for the school district in September, 1991. She became the SPED secretary in the summer of 2011. Bev works tirelessly
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August 2015 - Morgan Pagett
We are honored to recognize Morgan Pagett as a District Spotlight Employee. Morgan has been instrumental in advancing the District’s Technology Programs as an IT Department employee for the past 3 years.
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Doug Horner
May 2015 - Doug Horner
Doug started substitute teaching for the district in 1985 and continued to do so until 2005. He was a member or our board of trustees for 7 years, a baseball coach and a volleyball referee for 27 years. Not to mention the countless hours as a bus driver.
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Vicki Geer
April 2015 - Vicki Geer
Vicki Geer is a very strong and dedicated teacher. Mrs. Geer has very high standards for her students’ academic and behavioral performance. As a result,
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