Lunch Prices 2017-18




                                Monty Gilbreath                                                      Kristy Ortega
                      Food Service Director                                      
Food Service Manager

“In a timely and efficient manner, we will provide each customer a nutritious healthy meal within a safe, sanitary, and cheerful environment every day, with the goal of enhancing our communities learning experience.”

Value Prices:

        Primary & Intermediate                Breakfast                     Lunch

        Students                                                           $1.45                             $3.15

        Reduced                                                           $0.30                             $0.40

        Adults                                                                $1.90                            $4.15


        Middle & High School                   Breakfast                      Lunch


        Students                                                           $1.50                             $3.45

        Reduced                                                           $0.30                             $0.40

        Adults                                                              $1.90                             $4.15


A value reimbursable lunch consists of one entrée, one side dish, a vegetable or fruit, and one milk.  It also includes unlimited selection(s) from the all you can eat salad bar.  Anything purchased in addition to a value reimbursable meal will be charged at the value ala-carte price point.  If a value reimbursable meal is not selected the higher ala-carte pricing will be charged. If your child qualifies and is approved for Free & Reduced Lunch and they purchase ala-carte items they will be charged at the value price point. The following are the ala-carte prices:


                             Value Entrée     $1.50                             Entrée          $2.25

                             Value Side          $1.00                             Side              $1.35      

                             Value Milk          $.75                                Milk             $1.05

Low/Negative Lunch Accounts:

Parents are responsible to maintain adequate funds in their child’s lunch account.  CCSD#1 lunch room cashiers will remind children that their lunch accounts are getting low.  When the account is at $5.00 they will also send home a low balance notification with the child.

Remember to ask the school office for a free and reduced meal application.  Many families have qualified that didn’t think they would.  Also, please submit only ONE application per household.

If your child’s lunch account goes into a negative balance, your child will be notified by the lunch room cashier and the school secretary may call the parent or guardian to notify them.

If your child’s lunch account goes delinquent (Negative Balance) by $20.00, CCSD#1 will make sure your child will not go hungry by serving them a free sack lunch compliments of CCSD#1.  Your child will continue to receive a complimentary sack lunch until the negative balance has been paid in full.  The complimentary sack lunch meets all nutritional requirements.  Principals will also be contacting parents to inquire about payment and to see if parents qualify for the federal government Free and Reduce Lunch Program.

Online Payments:

You can make your lunch payments online and keep track of your child’s lunch.  Just go to to create your account.  Checking your child’s lunch account is free, however there is a small transaction fee of $1.95 for using a credit card.  CCSD#1 will not profit from this site.  However, when making online payments, there is a delay of up to 7-10 days in posting to your child’s account, depending on which method you choose.  Credit card is the fastest method with debit cards taking up to 7-10 days to process.

To access these services:

•  Simply go to the district website:

•  Go to the department pull down menu

•  Click on the food service link

•  Click on link.  From this site you will create your account and add money to

    your child’s meal account.  All you need is your child’s name, student ID number, and zip code.


Pay By Check:   
You can also make a payment by sending a check made out to CCSD#1 Hot Lunch.  Please include your child’s name on the check.  If you are writing one check for multiple accounts, please include all children  (full names) on the check.     We do accept cash however we will deposit the entire amount that is given to the cashier into your child’s account.  We strongly recommend that parents do NOT pay with cash.

Our goal is to satisfy both the students and parents.  Your communication is a valued tool in allowing us to complete our mission. If you have any questions or comments regarding the food or the service please contact my office at 358-4231.



Monty Gilbreath

Food Service Director