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Jeff Kitterman

Jeff Kitterman

Friday, 16 August 2013 09:22

Bus Routes

The 2014-2015 bus routes have been posted. Click here to find your route.

Congratulations to the Hamilton Boulevard choir, who received a superior rating at the recent UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival. Great job!

Friday, 17 May 2013 09:34

May 2013 Employee Spotlight

Linda Hageman - Transportation Department

Linda started her employment with the District in November of 1974, working in the rec center. She worked as a pool aid and was a cheer coach for many years. Linda has driven school buses for over 30 years and has transported many of our current board members and teachers when they were students here at Converse County Schools. When Linda first started driving school bus, the buses were all manual transmissions with two speed rear ends. At that time the buses ran on compressed natural gas, she said that they started hard and that they would stall out in the most inconvenient places. Her first route was a short one behind D hill and then changed to a route out to Paris’ subdivision. Years later Linda started running the route to white school and is currently running this same route.

Linda has always been dependable, rain, snow or shine she shows up to get our young ones to school. She is always willing to drive for a field trip or other type of activity. Her first priority has always been for the students’ safety and to make sure that they are in a positive environment.

Linda has a lot of stories about the school and years gone by, and as she tells them she gets that sparkle in her eye. It’s that sparkle that all of us at transportation has grown so fond of. Thank you, Linda, for your years of service, and for transporting our most important cargo with such delicate attention.

Congratulations again for being our spot light employee….

Wednesday, 08 May 2013 11:43

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