April 2016 - Mel Barker

April 2016 - Mel Barker
Posted on 04/12/2016
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It is our honor at Douglas High School to recognize Mr. Mel Barker as the April Spotlight Employee.  Mr. Barker has been teaching social studies at DHS for the past 16 years

Passion is a great word to describe Mr. Barker in a social studies classroom.  He loves a great conversation/argument with a student on current events, points of law or political issues.  What is most impressive is how he can conduct these student conversations/arguments and honor each student’s opinion and make them feel respected in their opinion.  If you ever get the opportunity to witness a Mel Barker lesson you will find yourself completely enthralled with his expertise and passion.

Mr. Barker understands that there is more to education than just his daily lessons.  For the last several years he has been intrigued with the We the People competitions and served as a judge to give himself an understanding of how to bring this back to our students.  This past year teams were formed from his American Government class and given the opportunity to compete.  Mr. Barker created an atmosphere that led to great learning by the students and staff who served as judges for the mock competitions. By including staff members as judges it led to a school wide commitment of this competition.  Since Mr. Barker has been a member of the DHS staff he has been a Close Up sponsor which means many meetings, fundraisers and time away from his family.  Again, understanding that there is more to be learned outside our classrooms.

Not just a great teacher, Mr. Barker is also a great employee who serves as the department chair for Social Studies and always a ready volunteer when there is a need for a volunteer to help with interviews, future planning, and covering classrooms or to just have a conversation! 

We at DHS consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated professional as a member of our educational family!