March 2015 - Cherie Lehner

March 2015 - Cherie Lehner
Posted on 03/10/2015
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March 2015 - Cherie Lehner

It is our honor to recognize Cherie Lehner as the DHS Spotlight Employee for the 2014-2015 school year.  Cherie has worked at DHS with special needs students the past 4 years.

When you walk into DHS you won’t have any problem finding Cherie’s room for all you have to do is listen and you will hear her boisterous laugh, or the contagious enthusiasm as she leads her students to their next learning task.  Cherie is above all else a student advocate, which to her means the students, ALWAYS, come first even if that means teaching year round.  In fact the first three years at DHS that is exactly what she did but finally realized to maintain her pace, (which none of us) can keep up with, she needed to take some time for herself in the summer to recuperate.  Advocating for her students means including them in every event or activity possible at the high school.  Many of her students have jobs either in the building or out in the community which requires an amazing organizational task to make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. Her latest mission is promoting a program entitled, “Spread to Word to End the Word” which is designed eliminate the use of the “r” word.  To this end she has started a social club that helps regular education students understand disabilities and provide a helping hand, and Cherie and her students will “spread the word” by making presentations in the regular education classrooms.

You can’t help but smile when you visit with Cherie, because no bad moods are allowed. We believe there should be a sign above her classroom door or maybe a sign to hang around her neck stating, “No bad moods allowed!”

Cherie leads by example promoting our district vision for students to become lifelong learners by attending workshops or taking classes that help her learn how to better engage her students.  If you’ve had the opportunity to witness her students’ growth the past 4 years you will understand why she stands before you today.  Ladies and gentlemen this is a professional educator!