October 2015 - Judy Boyd

October 2015 - Judy Boyd
Posted on 10/13/2015
Judy BoydIt is my distinct honor to showcase Judy Boyd as the CCSD #1 DPS Spotlight Employee of the Month.  Judy Boyd has been with the Primary School for the last 7 years.  She serves as a paraprofessional for our limited English students or ELL students. However, Judy does much more than just support our students throughout the day.

When a family comes to the Primary School who speak little to no English they are welcomed with a warm, caring, and most importantly greeting in their native language.  She welcomes these new families into the school and begins creating a relationship not only with herself but with the entire staff at the school.  These students look to Judy as a family member and hold her in very high regard.  She stays with these students all day; in and out of classrooms, supports at recess, going to lunch and even helping after school.  She sits with the students during whole group instruction softly translating the information they do not understand.  She pulls students into small groups to re-teach, provide intervention as well as enrichment.  She accumulates an extreme number of steps every single day as she moves from class to class!

What truly sets Judy apart from others is the way she supports the family of our ELL students.  The relationship she creates with the students is priceless however the relationship she generates with the families is golden.  She is their life-line to the school, community, and opportunities to make their move to our town successful.  Judy calls home to talk about student progress, ask questions to get needed information for the office, and help with any concerns.  She attends ALL open house nights, parent teacher conferences, field trips, school activities, and even summer programming.  I have honestly never heard Judy say the word NO!  When families see Judy it is obvious how much Mrs. Boyd means to them by simply seeing each family member’s face light up.  Her presence in their lives is far beyond just academics.

Judy Boyd has set a very high standard of excellence in our district by support students to the highest degree, providing assistance with a language barrier, and most importantly developing a relationship to support students and families.  We are grateful and honored to have her in our school and district.  Thank you Judy for your hard work, time and huge heart – you make a difference every day!