March 2017 Employee Spotlight

March 2017 Employee Spotlight
Posted on 03/14/2017
Melina Foster

Mrs. Foster has been an integral member of the DHS faculty since the first day she agreed to work in Converse 1.  What you witness is a staff member who has high expectations for her students along with a great deal of compassion.  Mrs. Foster delivers instruction each day that will make a difference in students’ lives.

When students first enter Mrs. Foster’s English classroom I’m sure they might not know how to take her dry sense of humor.  It takes a very short time and they get it!  After that, they truly enjoy having her as an instructor and leave her classroom prepared for the next level of English.

Mrs. Foster continues to have high expectations, not only for the students but for herself.  For example this year the Higher Learning Commission reviewed transcripts of all community college teachers and those who serve as adjuncts.  Because of the change to the concurrent Public Speaking course requirements, Mrs. Foster needed to collect graduate hours in communications.  There was never any hesitation to meet that requirement so she could continue to offer public speaking to our students.  Consequently, she is enrolled in a program to meet the requirement.

In addition, Melina serves when asked.  If we need input on committees, she is there! When we need someone to serve on a council, she is there! As the department chair for the DHS English department, she has the opportunity to affect change in the English department and does so with skill and grace.

The last word used to describe Mrs. Foster is resilient!  For the past year she has dealt with many situations outside the school day, yet she comes to school with a positive attitude and continues to provide a quality education to our students.  Mrs. Foster is the epitome of a professional educator!